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When it comes to infertility treatment, one solution does not fit all. The causes of infertility, its treatment options, and the coverage of your health insurance policy all affect the total and out-of-pocket costs you may expect when undergoing infertility treatment. Because each patient’s fertility journey is unique, it is impossible to accurately list treatment costs online prior to personalized consultation. However, there are several resources to help you navigate the financial aspect of your treatment. At IHR, one of those resources is our team of dedicated Patient Financial Counselors, who are there from the beginning to help navigate and manage costs.

What is the role of the Patient Financial Counselors (PFC)?

The Patient Financial Counselor can help you with:

  • Understanding the financial options at your disposal
  • Identifying what parts of your treatment plan are / are not covered by your current insurance plan
  • Navigating a new insurance policy that you have recently switched to
  • Providing information on third-party financing options

What the financial counselor cannot help you with:

  • Recommending a specific insurance policy (this is called collusion and ultimately works against patient interests).

How will an PFCs help you throughout your treatment?

  • Before you begin your treatment at IHR, our Patient Financial Counselors (PFC) will do their best to obtain information regarding your current insurance so they may verify your benefits.
  • You will receive a call from one of our PFCs prior to meeting a physician, or within 24-48 hours of your meeting. In this call, the PFC assigned to you will help you understand what treatment options are included in your current insurance plan.
  • During your first meeting with one of our physicians, a treatment plan will be generated that is custom tailored to you, one that will provide you optimal chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby.
  • Your personal PFCs will then provide you with the estimated costs that correspond to your personalized treatment plan, allowing you to prepare for the financial costs.
  • You will receive a “Patient Service Agreement” that details everything that falls outside of your insurance coverage, so you will not be blind-sided by any future bills. This is referred to as your “Self Pay” portion.
  • Your PFC can help you explore the best way to finance your IVF treatment, for example: personalized payment plan, alternate insurances, third party financing options, etc.

What happens if I start a payment plan and am unable to continue with it?

IHR is committed to make every effort to try to work with the patients during times of hardship. We recommend contacting your PFC right away, and they will work with you on a realistic plan. You may opt for smaller monthly payments, or be referred to third party loans.

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Financing Opportunities

Build your family with the necessary financial support

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Before Your First Visit, Check Your Coverage

It is important that you call your insurance company or Human Resources Coordinator to check on your infertility coverage.

Is IVF covered by my Insurance?

In Illinois, infertility treatment is recognized as an essential health benefit (EHB), therefore, it is most often covered by insurances. However, in order to access this benefit, you must have a medical diagnosis of infertility. As a courtesy, your Patient Financial Counselor (PFC) can assist you with contacting your insurance company to provide an estimate of benefits. You can read the policies specific to Illinois here.

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Is PGT covered by my insurance?

With exceptions, Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT), or genetic embryo testing, is seldom covered by insurances. Your PFC can help you understand your specific coverage and options.

Use an Insurance Broker

When switching or purchasing policies, you do not have to do it on your own. We suggest you explore and seek out an insurance broker online to help you select the policy that is best for you.


  • Is there a lifetime maximum on the number of ART cycles I can have?
  • What is the maximum?
  • Does it pertain to just the retrieval of the eggs and/or the frozen embryo transfer?
  • Is there a dollar maximum for the ART benefit?
  • What is the dollar maximum?
  • Is the medication for infertility treatment (specialty pharmacy) benefit included in the dollar maximum? If so, what is that amount? If not, what is the separate amount?
  • If the policy is not a lifetime maximum, is it a calendar year policy or a plan policy?
  • Do I need to meet any special criteria to ‘access’ the infertility benefit?
  • Do I need to obtain any type of authorization for ART and/or infertility services?
  • Do I have to have my services performed at a ‘Center of Excellence’ to access my benefits?
  • Does the policy cover Egg/Embryo/Sperm Cryopreservation?
  • If medically necessary?
  • Does the policy cover Pre-implantation Genetic Testing?
  • If so, what are the participation labs for this policy?

Fertility Treatment that’s Optimized for Your Success

What other financing options are available to me?

Fertility Financing Providers

We know that fertility treatments can come with a hefty price tag, and we firmly believe that everyone should have an opportunity to build the family of their dreams. This is precisely why we've partnered with financing providers who specialize in financing fertility treatments. Our financing partners provide a variety of financing choices to assist our patients in making fertility treatments more accessible and cost-effective.

Grants for Fertility Treatment

As an additional way to provide support for those unable to afford treatment, we've formed collaborations with institutions to provide grants and financial support for fertility treatments. Learn more about fertility treatment grants, qualifications, requirements and how to apply here.

IHR offers a range of fertility treatments to help increase your chances of building your family

Dr. Cohen and his staff were a complete blessing to our family. We just welcomed our identical twin girls this past month, and we owe it all to Dr. Cohen and the staff at IHR.


After being devastated from 2 miscarriages at a previous clinic I switched to Dr. TK. I became pregnant on my first round of IVF with him and have 6 frozen embryos.


I am so glad my OB doctor recommended IHR to anyone with infertility issues or concerns.


At IHR, the nurses and ultrasounds techs and lab techs all knew me by name... I just felt like everyone there was really rooting for me.


After more than two years of trying without success, we pursued fertility treatment with Dr. Cohen.


I'm writing this review as my infant daughter naps nearby, which would not have been possible without Dr. Tur-Kaspa and the team at IHR.


I immediately felt like he was addressing ME and MY needs, as opposed to having a protocol that may have worked for the massess.


From the very beginning, we felt strongly supported and received the very best personalized care.


It can be overwhelming but I never felt any discomfort from any procedure I had done there and I knew each was getting us closer to our goal of becoming parents.


After having no luck on our own, a friend highly recommended that we go to IHR. I am happy to say that I am currently pregnant with my first child! I do not have enough kind words to say. Everyone at IHR was wonderful.

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