Our Lab Sets Us Apart

Our Embryology Lab

Your embryos are always handled with trust, respect, expertise, and care.

Success Begins With Our State-of-the-Art Lab

Our lab sets us apart. When beginning your IVF journey with IHR, you can trust that our lab is kept to the highest-standards to ensure the most successful outcomes for our growing families.

Our lab, led by our dedicated and distinguished embryologists, utilizes advanced technologies, innovative incubation equipment, and comprehensive security and quality assurance measures so our families can be confident  their eggs, sperm, and embryos are receiving expert care.

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Security in the Laboratory

At IHR, we are committed to providing a well controlled and secure laboratory environment for your eggs, sperm, and embryos.

Through the use of multiple monitoring and security systems as well as state-of-the-art filtration systems, we maintain our secure “clean-room” environment.

Access to our laboratory is limited via card access systems to only key laboratory personnel and the physicians.

Complete accuracy is a constant priority throughout the process. Our labeling process and a series of checks and balances are designed to ensure matching you to your eggs, sperm, and embryos.

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