A patient support and wellness program in partnership with our network, Pinnacle Fertility.

Infertility Counseling & Wellness

Support and Guidance Through Fertility Challenges

The path through fertility difficulties can often be emotionally taxing. At IHR, we have a specialized mental health professional dedicated to offering empathetic counseling and regular workshops. These resources are designed to assist you in handling a spectrum of emotions and provide essential strategies for navigating challenging situations and feelings.

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Infertility Counseling & Comprehensive Emotional Support

Our counseling program is tailored to offer emotional support to both individuals and couples on their fertility journey. This includes developing resilience and stress management techniques, processing experiences of grief and loss, and enhancing overall well-being.

The counseling process supports patients in making informed decisions and helps in defining personal aspirations, priorities, and values in relation to various treatment choices. We delve into the implications of fertility challenges and treatments, considering their impact on both personal and family life. Our supportive counseling focuses on fostering self-worth and acceptance, and also addresses mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety. We offer these counseling services to individuals as well as couples.

Patients can request an appointment from your patient navigator.

Monthly Support Group for IHR Patients

Held Virtually | Every 3rd Wednesday

Our mental health expert, Morgan Neary, LSW, facilitates our monthly support group sessions. These online gatherings cover diverse topics related to the infertility experience. They include strategies for dealing with the sense of solitude often encountered during fertility treatments, ways to handle grief, and methods for building resilience. We invite you to sign up for these enlightening and supportive virtual meetings, which take place every third Wednesday each month.

Meet Our Mental Health Provider

Morgan Neary, LSW

Morgan Neary, LSW, is a skilled social worker with a focus on fertility counseling. She earned her master's degree in social work from Columbia University, following her undergraduate studies in psychology and women's studies at the University of Michigan. Since 2018, Morgan has dedicated her career to the field of fertility, serving both as a counselor and a coordinator. Her commitment lies in empowering her clients, ensuring they are well-informed and confident as they navigate their fertility paths. In her professional role, Morgan works under the supervision of Kim Kriesel, LPC, PMH-C.

Infertility & Well-being Resources