Are There Any Restrictions While Undergoing Fertility Treatments?

Yes. At IHR, we recommend that you adhere to the basic guidelines below during your treatment process and into your pregnancy.

  • Smoking: It is recommended that both partners stop smoking at least 3 months before beginning any treatment cycle.  The effects of tobacco have been shown to be toxic and harmful to a woman’s eggs and a man’s sperm. 
  • Drinking: Alcohol should be avoided by both partners at the outset of fertility treatment, until one’s pregnancy test, and if pregnant, until the birth of the child.  
  • Medications: It’s important to inform your doctor if you’re taking any prescriptions or over-the-counter medications.  Some medicines can interfere with the prescribed fertility medication, or embryo transference and others may not be safe to take before surgery.
  • Vigorous exercise: Intense physical activities like aerobics, weightlifting and running are not recommended during ovarian stimulation and until the results of one’s pregnancy are known, or until one’s menstrual cycle begins.  At IHR, we recommend that the heart rate does not exceed 140 beats per minute.
  • Herbal and other supplements: Herbal supplements are prohibited during fertility treatment.  Other, over the counter supplements are also not recommended unless your IHR physician prescribed them.
  • Food: There are no restrictions to eating any types of food during treatment.  Once pregnant, however, restrictions apply. Please see nutrition during pregnancy for restrictions.
  • Caffeine: Although there is no real restriction against caffeine intake, it is recommended to keep caffeine at a minimum.

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