Does IHR provide discounted treatment for Military Troops and Veterans?

A new comprehensive report by the nonpartisan advocacy group SWAN (Service Women’s Action Network), with results from almost 800 women, reveals that access to fertility health care is even more limited for women in the military and military veterans, while infertility rates are much higher than civilians.  

The most surprising data revealed in this survey is the high percentage of military women who report having trouble getting pregnant when actively trying to do so. In all four categories of military women examined in the study over 30% report having problems getting pregnant when actively trying to do so with the highest percentage (37%) coming from currently serving service women. This is dramatically higher than the national average. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) approximately 12% of US women have “impaired fecundity” which is defined as difficulty in either getting pregnant after actively trying for one year or the inability to carry a pregnancy to live birth.

In response to these new findings, IHR is happy to do our part in supporting our troops and veterans by offering a 20% discount for military women.

Read the full SWAN 2018 Report Here  

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