"Dr. TK is honest - tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear - no false promises."

Came to IHR after suffering a miscarriage and trying IUI and IVF treatments with another endocrinologist at Rush Center for Reproductive Care (do NOT recommend her) for a year.  My husband and I are in our early 40s and busy working professionals.  

Long story short:  after 4 retrieval cycles and 1 frozen transfer, we are 4 months along in our pregnancy and have 1 more frozen embryo!  Not sure if that sounds like resounding success to you, but we are beyond elated.  Here's why:

Better protocol and results:  With the first Dr. we only retrieved 6 eggs.  In each of the 4 cycles, Dr. Tur-Kaspa was able to get 15+ eggs.  More eggs = more chances.  Our problem was that most of the embryos failed genetic testing.  We were lucky to get 2 embryos total...and even luckier that the first transfer took.  The issue my first Dr. couldn't get past was my thin uterine lining...we spent a year (unsuccessfully) trying to correct it.  Due to the protocol  Dr. TK put me on, my lining was never an issue.  Mind-boggling.  

Better medical advice:  the first Dr. said genetic testing wasn't needed.  So we never did it.  Dr. TK's advice was that, due to our age, we should definitely do the testing to make sure we aren't wasting time, money, and mental health transferring embryos that may not take or shortly miscarry.  Based on our results, thank god we went that route.  Oh and we froze 2 embryos we had from the first Dr - paid storage costs for a year.  Both embryos didn't make it through the thawing process for genetic testing.  What a waste.

Other benefits:  At the start of a cycle, you get an outline of your medicine regime and when you have to come in for monitoring.  A HUGE plus for working profs.  You can actually plan your life.  The nurses also leave detailed messages on a phone service after your monitoring.  So helpful so you're not waiting around for a phone call and hoping you don't miss it.  The nurses are also super responsive to email.  These guys have medicine on hand for emergencies that you can use and resupply later.

IHR is not perfect...you have to be your own advocate and make sure you proactively do the research and ask the questions to feel comfortable.  Sometimes you'll get responses like, "the test results were good."  The good news is that they will give you more details if you ask.  The finance group is slow to respond - make sure you fully understand your medical benefits.

Dr. TK is honest - tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear - no false promises.  I didn't feel like he suggested additional testing or procedures needlessly.  He was sympathetic and caring, but didn't sugar coat a single thing.

We can't thank Dr. TK and his team enough.  He has made our family whole and for that, we are forever grateful.

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