Egg Freezing

Freeze your eggs today for the family you want to build tomorrow

Photo by PeopleImages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by PeopleImages/iStock / Getty Images

Cryo-vitrification, or “egg freezing” has revolutionized women’s ability to have children later in life. The flash-freezing technique allows unfertilized female eggs to be frozen quickly enough without damage to the cell. This allows us to freeze and later thaw the eggs for use in IVF cycles. We are very proud to be on the forefront of being able to offer women new options in fertility preservation!


Many women are delaying pregnancy until their late thirties and early forties.  Cryo-vitrification gives women the chance to freeze their eggs while younger, preserve their fertility, and reduce the chances of miscarriage and birth defects associated with “egg age.”


Besides women wanting to preserve the ability to have biological children later in life, freezing eggs is a great option for patients who may be soon undergoing radiation therapy, chemo, or surgery. This is because they can all cause infertility by destroying a woman’s eggs. Depending on the type treatment, egg freezing may be an option that gives a woman facing cancer the opportunity to preserve her fertility before she undergoes therapy.


What The Process Entails

IHR was among the first practitioners in the Chicagoland area to offer egg freezing using the cryo-vitrification technique to patients, and have seen successful pregnancies when those patients returned, ready to become pregnant. When patients come to IHR to have their eggs frozen, they can be confident knowing they are being cared for by highly experienced professionals. Our fertility experts will help you explore fertility preservation and family planning for the children you would like in the future.

  1. Diagnostics and creating a care plan with your doctor
  2. Preparing your body for egg extraction
  3. Surgically retrieving the eggs
  4. Freezing your eggs & storing them until you are ready to use them
  5. Coming back to IHR later to thaw and use them

““I went to see Dr. Tur-Kaspa for egg freezing... and I am so glad I did so!.. The actual retrieval process was as painless as possible and yielded results that shouldn’t have been possible. I would highly recommend him, and his practice, to anyone going through the process.””

— YELP REVIEW 5/2015

Photo by Melpomenem/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Melpomenem/iStock / Getty Images

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