Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

Early Stages of Embryo Development

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is a cycle where we prepare your uterine lining and on the day of transfer, the lab will thaw the embryo(s) from a previous IVF cycle to transfer into the uterus.

With the start of your period, please come in for morning monitoring to start the process.  In the afternoon, you will receive your results and instructions, through a telephone call, as to what medications (i.e. estradiol, baby aspirin) to take and when, as well as dates of further monitoring and tentative embryo transfer date.

With the start of this cycle, medications will be ordered for you through your local pharmacy.  Progesterone support medications sometimes need to go through your specialty pharmacy as determined by your insurance.

Blood tests and ultrasounds are performed every few days throughout the cycle to monitor uterine lining and your response to the medication(s). 

Based on your monitoring results, your physician may modify the estradiol (Estrace) dose as needed to optimize the uterine lining.  A change in your regimen, may alter the tentative FET date.

Ideally, once the doctor determines the endometrial lining is adequate for an embryo transfer, you will be instructed when to begin progesterone, Medrol and an antibiotic. 

The embryo transfer will be scheduled almost a week after beginning the progesterone.

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