"If you read nothing more from this review, please takeaway that we could not be happier with the care we received from Dr. Cohen."

My husband and I started seeing Dr. Cohen for help getting pregnant in October 2018. He was recommended to us by a good friend who had a successful pregnancy with Dr. Cohen's assistance, and he was the first (and only) fertility specialist we saw. If you read nothing more from this review, please takeaway that we could not be happier with the care we received from Dr. Cohen. We would absolutely recommend him to anybody trying to conceive.

After some preliminary testing, Dr. Cohen sat us down and walked us through our options (IUI, IVF, or continue trying unassisted). He was incredibly patient in explaining the different options and treatments, including the risks, costs, and potential outcomes. We opted to try IUI, and after our second attempt got pregnant. Sadly this pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. As awful as that experience was, what I remember most about it was how supportive and empathetic Dr. Cohen was in delivering the news, performing the DNC, and holding my hand in the recovery room.

After a couple more failed attempts at IUI, we started our IVF journey. I'd heard horror stories about fertility clinics being a "cattle call" and patients feeling like "just a number" as opposed to a patient. I can honestly say I never felt like that at IHR. From the phlebotomists to the ultrasound techs to the nurses to the office administrators, everyone is incredibly helpful, patient, caring, and professional. Like any doctor's office, there are times you'll have to wait for your monitoring appointment, or you'll have to follow up to get a response to your question about your medication, but overall I'd say this is an exceptionally well-run office.

As to Dr. Cohen's care through our IVF journey, I can't overstate how wonderful he was. He is an utmost professional with a bedside manner that one can only hope for through such an emotional and difficult process. We did 4 egg retrieval cycles back-to-back, resulting in more than enough healthy embryos to have the size family that we want. I'm thrilled to report that our first embryo transfer resulted in a (thus far) healthy pregnancy. We are due with a baby boy October 2020!

If and when we are ready to have our second child, we will certainly be seeing Dr. Cohen. There are a lot of ups and downs, scary moments and difficult decisions throughout the fertility process. Dr. Cohen's ability to coach us through those times made a world of difference in our fertility journey. We are grateful and blessed to have found Dr. Cohen. 

- Jennifer B, yelp/google review, 6/26/2020

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