"They always explained the process and never made me feel like a number. "

I am so happy to write this review as today is my "graduation" day from this amazing clinic. Dr. Cohen and his team were my primary providers although Dr. TK has also met with me and is just as wonderful. I was referred to this clinic through my primary care doctor after experiencing a chemical pregnancy in January 2020. At the age of 39, she felt it was the best route to go.

I had no knowledge of what to expect or did any type background research on the clinic. If there is one piece of advice I wish I knew from day one is to read up on the IVF process and know it is not guaranteed it will work. You need to be accepting of all outcomes and know that this clinic wants you to succeed, whatever success means to you. Also, know your insurance plan inside and out when it comes to fertility benefits, including if meds are covered! Insurance was probably the biggest headache in this process but I am fortunate that I had some coverage to begin with.

Our IVF journey began in February 2020 and as of now, ends in Jan 2021. My pregnancy ended up being "spontaneous" but I'm sure the testing and medications I was under made a big impact. The clinic is so wonderful from day one. Appointments run 95% on time, communication is stellar! Use the patient portal!

They read and respond no matter how repetitious or silly you think the inquiry may be. From Jennifer at the front desk to the wonderful lab and ultrasound techs, you really feel you are in the right hands. Finally, the incredible nursing team of Jessica and Sarah who were my primary contacts. They always explained the process and never made me feel like a number. IVF is confusing and the hardest process I have gone through to date so you want a partner in this process and I can't think of a better one then IHR.
Little heads up, they have a great YouTube channel that you should subscribe to and there is a patients only Facebook group that was great to be a part of. You get to understand the different protocols and procedures from couples going through the same thing as you. Very helpful.

Jenny C. Yelp Review, January 2021

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