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We Get Patient Referrals From Top Doctors For Infertility Treatment.

At IHR, we are tremendously proud of the number of referrals we receive on a continuing basis from top gynecologists, primary care physicians, and other health care professionals from around the world!  These referrals are a testament to the standard of care we have provided,  So if your doctor referred you to the Institute for Human Reproduction, you can be sure you are making the right choice by coming in to see us.

Why Did You Get A Referral From Your Doctor To See The Fertility Specialists At IHR?

  • There are several causes of infertility; only an accurate diagnosis by an experienced fertility specialist can determine your personal situation and proper course of infertility treatment.
  • IHR's fertility experts are not only rated among the best in the area, but the best nationwide.
  • We have board-certified embryologists and a state-of-the-art lab for producing healthy embryos.
  • Our physicians are the acknowledged leaders in the field

What Should I Do Now?

The first thing you need to do is set up an initial appointment so we can diagnose the exact cause of your infertility and devise an integrated, individualized treatment plan.

What Will Your Fertility Specialist Discuss With You During Your First Visit?

  • Your past medical history. You will be asked about many important health issues, including menstrual history, ovulation, miscarriages, past surgeries, childhood illnesses, family medical history, etc.
  • Pre-screening tests. Individualized pre-screening tests for males and females can help your physician determine why you’re having difficulty getting pregnant. These may include tests for ovulation, quantity and quality of sperm, and adequate hormonal levels to support the embryo. The results of these tests help the doctor decide which fertility treatments are most likely to be effective.
  • Treatment advice. Once your specific diagnosis is established, your physician will recommend a treatment plan best suited to your personal situation, including such factors as your age and the duration of your infertility.

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From My Girls At The Front Desk To My Blood And Ultrasound Techs, I Can Honestly Say I'm Blessed To Have These Wonderful People In My Life.


Dr Cohen Is My Hero! We Have A Beautiful, Healthy Baby Boy Thanks To Him.


The staff, nurses, Dr. Tur-Kaspa and Dr. Cohen are so attentive, caring, thorough, and positive.


If You Read Nothing More, Please Takeaway That We Could Not Be Happier With The Care We Received From Dr. Cohen.


We are looking forward to coming back next year to have our third baby! Thank you IHR and Dr. TK!


IHR Has Been Recognized As One Of The Leading Fertility Centers, And After My Experience There, It's Easy To See Why.


Dr. Cohen - We Cannot Thank You Enough For Helping Us Conceive Our Little Angel. She's 2 Months Old Now And Every Day We Are Grateful For The Miracle You Performed.


Our Experience At The Other Clinic Left Much To Be Desired…There Was A Night And Day Difference With Dr. Tur-Kaspa.

Jennifer and Mike

We Have Undergone Treatment At Two Other Well Known Facilities In The Chicago-Land Area. Dr. Tur-Kaspa Treated Us As Individuals And Made Us Feel Totally At Ease.

Stephanie and Joe

I Have Been Trying For 6 Years And Was Not Successful. I Have Been To Different Hospitals With Nothing To Show For It. But Thanks To Dr Tur-Kaspa, I Am Proud To Say I Am Finally Pregnant.


Dr. Tur-Kaspa never gave up on us and kept our hopes alive. We have a 14 month old baby girl who has changed our lives forever.


Dr. Cohen Was Our Second RE In Our Infertility Journey And He Was Such A Breath Of Fresh Air.


My Wife And I Are So Grateful To Have Been Referred To Dr. Cohen. While Still Being Incredibly Professional, Everyone In The Office Provided A Family-Like Feel, Which I Found Comforting.


Dr. Tur-Kaspa Is One Of The Best Doctors In Town. He Is Not Only Knowledgeable But Confident And Very Attentive.


In my very first consultation with Dr. Tur-Kaspa, he said "Your success is our success". I trusted and believed him and his team from then on and am so glad I did.


I Felt Listened To... I Am Treated Like The Strong, Smart Person That I Am; I Just Need Some Expert Help Becoming Pregnant. I would very much recommend this clinic to any of my family or friends


They Always Explained The Process And Never Made Me Feel Like A Number.


I always felt like, and truly was, in the best hands. Thank you to everyone at IHR for what you've helped us have in our lives - a lovely little boy whom we are obsessed with.


Dr. Cohen and his staff were a complete blessing to our family. We just welcomed our identical twin girls this past month, and we owe it all to Dr. Cohen and the staff at IHR.


After being devastated from 2 miscarriages at a previous clinic I switched to Dr. TK. I became pregnant on my first round of IVF with him and have 6 frozen embryos.


I am so glad my OB doctor recommended IHR to anyone with infertility issues or concerns.


At IHR, the nurses and ultrasounds techs and lab techs all knew me by name... I just felt like everyone there was really rooting for me.


After more than two years of trying without success, we pursued fertility treatment with Dr. Cohen.


I'm writing this review as my infant daughter naps nearby, which would not have been possible without Dr. Tur-Kaspa and the team at IHR.


I immediately felt like he was addressing ME and MY needs, as opposed to having a protocol that may have worked for the massess.


From the very beginning, we felt strongly supported and received the very best personalized care.


It can be overwhelming but I never felt any discomfort from any procedure I had done there and I knew each was getting us closer to our goal of becoming parents.


After having no luck on our own, a friend highly recommended that we go to IHR. I am happy to say that I am currently pregnant with my first child! I do not have enough kind words to say. Everyone at IHR was wonderful.

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