Dr. Tur-Kaspa featured in National Geographic special issue on the Future of Medicine

National Geographic’s January 2019 features stories on personalized medicine as part of the future of medicine. Inside you will find a section featuring Dr. Tur-Kaspa and Conception’s Perfect Timing.  Dr. Tur-Kaspa uses the Endometrial Receptivity Test  (ERA) for increasing conception rates by personalized Embryo Transfer (pET). ˝Westley, son of Carolyne and Tim, was conceived with such personalized embryo transfer. Tur-Kaspa sampled 238  genes from her uterus to determine when she would be most receptive  to implantation. An interim study found a 24 percent rise in IVF  pregnancy rates with this method.˝

See attached or get your personal copy of the magazine / read on National Geographic’s Website.

Photos courtesy of Bilson/O’Brien Family




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