Get Your Second Opinion First

At IHR, we see many patients seeking second opinions. We invite you to come get your second opinion first with our renowned team of fertility experts.

When is a second opinion helpful?

For everyday health care, you probably don't need a second opinion. But a second opinion may be a good idea if:

  • You are deciding about a costly treatment or surgery.
  • You are not clear about how well a test or treatment may work.
  • You need more information about your options.
  • You are unsure about a diagnosis.

When getting a second opinion, follow these steps:

  1. Ask your health insurance company if it covers a second opinion and if IHR is in network.
  2. Schedule a visit with our office. Give yourself enough time to arrange for us to receive your medical records before your appointment.
  3. Have your first-opinion records sent ahead to our office. They can be faxed to 312-288-6421 or mailed to 409 W. Huron Street; Suite 500, Chicago, IL 60654
  4. Take notes and remember to bring a list of what questions you want to ask.

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