Virtual Holistic Fertility Mapping Consultation

Principal acupuncturist and Chinese medicine specialist Jennifer Paschen, works with patients to create individualized fertility wellness plans to complement and support assisted reproductive therapy treatment.

Fertility mapping is a unique supportive holistic framework designed to personalize and optimize patient’s wellness before, during, and after fertility treatment. 

Fertility mapping includes: Exploring and incorporating fertility amplifying foods/diet that support optimal blood flow, decrease inflammation, and gently detoxify the body. Vitamin/supplement survey and recommendations, receive stabilizing healing reiki treatment infused with stress-reducing mind-body techniques that foster balance and harmony from the inside out! 

Fertility mapping is designed to support patients throughout the IUI/IVF/FET medical treatment process.  

Call IHR to schedule your session with Jennifer today!  

*All fertility mapping sessions are virtual *


Initial Fertility Mapping session: $150 

Follow Up Fertility Mapping session: $120


Tuesday: 8a-11a

Wednesday: 9a-3p

Thursday: 2p-5p

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