Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist

Dr. Ilan Tur-Kaspa

Dr. Ilan Tur-Kaspa is an internationally known specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Infertility, specializing in personalized advanced Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), reproductive imaging, oocyte freezing, and Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT). He is one of the world’s most experienced Reproductive Specialists involved in advanced IVF/ICSI treatment with PGT and in addition to thousands of ART treatments, he has personally conducted over two thousand IVF-PGT cycles for patients with single gene disorders, chromosomal translocations, HLA matched child, and for aneuploidy.

Dr. Tur-Kaspa is the author and co-author of over a hundred scientific publications and book chapters. He serves as a Reviewer for the leading scientific journals in Reproductive Medicine, and is a co-Editor of the books on “Biotechnology of Human Reproduction” (2003) and “Ultrasound Imaging in Reproductive Medicine” (2014). Dr. Tur-Kaspa served as a Clinical Professor at the Department of OB/GYN, The University of Chicago, Chair of the Reproductive Imaging Special Interest Group of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and as the President of the Chicago Association of Reproductive Endocrinologists. He won the 2010 and 2015 “Star Award” of the ASRM for over 10 years of continuous scientific contributions in the field of Reproductive Medicine.

Dr. Tur-Kaspa believes that treating infertility is a delicate and emotional process and all patients should receive personalized support and attention. His goal is to provide the least invasive treatment available that will give his patients the most likelihood of success.